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Welcome to Give Mom a Minute! I’ve been thinking for a long time about starting a blog to help other secular homeschoolers. But then I would doubt myself, not sure if what I had to say would really be helpful or valuable to others. Then one night during a mad bout of anxiety-induced insomnia it occurred to me that I was probably not the only one laying awake at that moment, fretting over whether or not I was doing right by my kids, how I would handle all the things on my to do list, and for the love of all that is holy what would I make for supper the next night.

If you find yourself somewhere in these words then welcome. I hope to provide you some ideas for your secular homeschool including curriculum reviews and tips for a strong homeschool routine. I’ll also bring you along on a journey where we find ourselves again. Pull up a chair. I’ve got coffee and tea. Sugar and cream. Probably a random granola bar. Lots of good books. Popcorn for supper. YOU are welcome here. Your story is welcome here.

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